Alan Walker

Despite only having been released properly last year, 19-year-old Alan Walker's track ‘Faded’ has amassed an astonishing 900 million views online (and over a billion streams across all platforms), a rise to prominence that could only happen thanks to the manner in which we now consume music. Some further stats: he now has two million subscribers on YouTube (known as 'Walkers’)

Once ‘Faded’ was released officially, it sold 3.8 million copies, topping the singles chart in 10 countries and going double platinum all over the place (not to mention eight times platinum in neighbouring Sweden). Success is his to lose in an environment with so many eyeballs on him, but he shows no sign whatsoever of dropping the ball. He's supported Rihanna on tour, and was personally invited to join Tiesto during his headline slot at Tomorrowland over the summer. He remixed Coldplay this year too (the track 'Hymn For The Weekend'), as well as Sia, while his 'Walker' tour took in 15 countries. The phrase 'meteoric rise' barely does him justice. Watch him fly.